About us

DAST PAY is a legally registered company which is getting profit from cryptocurrency trading. The crypto-currency market is becoming more and more popular. It is not exposed to risks connected with the state of the international financial market, and it keeps permanently developing and offering new opportunities for making money every day. Cryptocurrency trading transactions at the international trade exchanges actually represent of trading by assets at which the speculative margin is provided due to experience of traders or due to using of modern trade algorithms and monitoring programs.

Our company successfully applies the unique trading technologies based on use of superfast lines of exchange of information with servers and databases of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and efficiently uses intellectual monitoring programs, which are strengthening expected effect from the applied trading strategy in real time. We are highly experienced team with financial background and a strong cryptocurrencies awareness. High volatility and security of profitability of the performed transactions in the cryptotrading exchange market allows our company to control a certain part of the cryptocurrencies market, successfully achieving goals in cryptotrading branch. After several years of successful cryptocurrency trading activity and being sure of our ability to deliver stable profit over a long period, we have decided to share this earning opportunity with private investors. Sign up, deposit and start making good revenue with DAST PAY It is simple and risk-free because our professional traders will care about the trading process and our experienced financial analysts will manage the money pool in the most effective and safest way.